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‘Snores and Roars’ returns to Shell Factory

By Staff | Apr 11, 2018

After a very busy tourist season culminating with its Easter celebration, the Shel Factory & Nature Park is looking to make the spring just as exciting.

The Shell Factory is bringing back its “Snores and Roars” overnight camping adventure in the Nature Park, an attraction that got off to a promising start before summer, Hurricane Irma and a myriad of other events put the offering on the back burner.

It never really ended, but it needed to be reinvigorated, and what better time than in the spring when the evenings are still nice?

One thing they have done to make the sleepover more attractive is to reduce the price to $39 per night for each of the six nights the adventure will be available.

“We’re going to have a lot of beautiful nights and we have some new animals. We have structured a new night walk through there,” said Rick Tupper, marketing director and CFO of the Shell Factory. “We’re really catering to the scouts and church groups.”

The sleepover includes dinner, snacks and a continental breakfast, a guided tour of the park with close animal encounters, campfire activities, and educational opportunities.

Tents and chairs will be provided, though the camper must have his/her own sleeping bag and a parent to supervise them. Check-in is 6 p.m. and checkout is 9 a.m. and no campers will be allowed to leave the area without a supervising parent. Nature Park personnel will also be there to supervise.

Tupper said he wants to bring the sleepovers to a more consistent level and increase the popularity in the same way other events have: slow and steady.

“It’s a great opportunity to bond with the kids. We’re going to be promoting this very heavily this year,” Tupper said. “You can’t do it in the summer when it’s so nasty out. We’re really promoting it to the kids who are coming here on field trips. For birthday parties, it’s absolutely spectacular and we can do that year round. I can’t think of anything better.”

The adventure is available on Saturdays, April 14 and 28, May 5 and 19 and June 9 and 23 and is limited to 20 guests.

Preregistration is required for those who would like to attend. Call Sammy at 995-2141, extention 110.

The Shell Factory and Nature Park is at 2787 N. Tamiami Trail in North Fort Myers.