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Angel In disguise

By Staff | Oct 18, 2017

To the editor:

Saturday I was caught in one of Florida’s famous “afternoon evening showers.” I was riding my bike on Oleander Avenue. It was raining so hard, when I would see a vehicle coming in my rear view, I would get off the road as I was afraid I might not be readily seen.

A black pickup truck pulled behind me and this young girl offered me a ride. I was soaking wet. I refused and she immediately said are you sure? After the second offer, I accepted. This young girl, that I now saw as an angel, got out of her truck in the pouring down rain to help me lift my bike on to the back of her truck. She drove me safely home, out once again in the pouring down rain she helped me unload my bike. I offered to pay her more than once but she adamantly refused. Unfortunately, I did not get her name. I told her I hoped I would be able to help her someday.

All of this is to say folks, this is one of the main reasons I live on Pine Island – People Helping People.

My dear angel who ever you are, once again thank you!

Wanda Nesler

St. James City