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Pine Island Eagle Time Capsule dedication Thursday

By Staff | Apr 20, 2016

This Thursday at noon, the Pine Island Eagle time capsule will be dedicated at the Museum of the Islands. The Sheriff’s Department, Matlacha/Pine Island Fire Control District and members of the Greater Pine Island community are expected to be present.

The capsule will contain the following items (this is an incomplete list): a book (“The Darkest Shade of Honor”) from Pine Island author Robert Macomber, articles and a doll from the “Doll Lady of Matlacha” (Helen O’Rourke McClarry), information from the Dooley family about their involvement in commercial fishing, photos of the jewelry artistry of Sarah Aune, information from the Pine Island Lions, the artistry of Roland Ruocco, 35 historical articles Tim Knox wrote while at the Museum of the Islands, information from the Pine Island Garden Club, a book of plants the Calusa used by Marty Kendall, important papers about the beginnings of Flamingo Bay, notes from the Calusa Land Trust’s 40th annual meeting, a copy of the “Nature Lovers Guide to Pine Island” (Randell Research Center and Phil Buchanan), a book by local author Mitch Grant (“The Popping Cork Murder”), artistic images of the islands by Jim Cahill, a book published by the Breeze about Hurricane Charley and one Pine Island flag.

April 21, 2016, also marks the 40th anniversary of the Pine Island Eagle. The Eagle has been an important part of this community since it’s first issue on April 21, 1976 the year of our nations bicentennial.

The capsule will be displayed 50 years until April 21, 2066, when it will be reopened hopefully by the editor of the Pine Island Eagle.

The arrival of the “Island Time Begins Here” for display at the museum will also be featured.

Islanders are also invited to sign Phil Buchanan’s ‘Memorandum to Greater Pine Island residents and friends in the Year 2066’… “Please believe we did what we could, and we hope it worked…”

The committee would like to thank everyone who contributed to this historic event. The committee includes Ed Franks, editor of the Pine Island Eagle; Phil Buchanan, Pine Island activist; Vickie Duflo, president of the Museum of the Islands; Sharon Traylor, Museum of the Islands board; Mike Shevlin, real estate broker, and John Kendall, president Calusa Land Trust and music provided by Frank Tuma.