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Pine Island Elementary students to ‘paint’ Eagle Time Capsule

By Staff | Aug 19, 2015

Before the end of the upcoming school year (2015-2016), probably in March, the kindergarten students of Pine Island Elementary School will “paint” the Eagle Time Capsule with their handprints.

“This is a wonderful idea,” Principal Rob Mazzoli said. “And 50 years from now many of these kindergarteners will be here when the time capsule is opened.”

To date, the Eagle has added a copy of Phil Buchanan’s book “The Nature Lover’s Guide to Pine Island,” artwork from Matlacha artist Marie Cahill, Google Earth Photos of Pine Island as it appears today, items from several charitable island organizations and a copy of the Pine Island Plan as it is today.

Charitable organizations, businesses and Pine Islanders are encouraged to participate. Twenty-first century items that will probably be included are: smart phone, flash drive, CD/DVD, eyeglasses, contacts lenses, etc. Photographs of places on the island to show what the island looks like today, books by local authors, restaurant menus, posters from events held on the island, etc., will also be included. Short biographies and photographs of long-time island residents would be accepted.

The Eagle Time Capsule committee will review all items to be included in the time capsule. The committee consists of Ed Franks, editor of the Pine Island Eagle; Phil Buchanan, Pine Island activist; Vickie Duflo, president of the Museum of the Islands; Sharon Traylor, Museum of the Islands board member; Mike Shevlin, real estate broker; and John Kendall, president Calusa Land Trust.

The deadline for consideration is April 2016.

The Pine Island / Matlacha time capsule, if done correctly, will be a snapshot of present day Pine Island for Pine Islanders in the future.

April 21, 2016, will mark the 40th anniversary of the Pine Island Eagle. On that date the Eagle will dedicate the time capsule at the Museum of the Islands at noon. The capsule will be displayed for 50 years until April 21, 2066 when it will be reopened hopefully by the editor of the Pine Island Eagle.

Please forward your ideas to efranks@breeze-newspapers.com. Include your contact information.