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Habitat volunteer extraordinaire

By Staff | Apr 22, 2015

One of Cape Coral’s quiet heroes received some well-deserved national recognition Thursday morning.

Harold Elsesser, one of the longest continuously serving volunteers in the history of Habitat For Hunanity, was interviewed on the Today Show’s “Everyone Has a Story” segment.

The morning news show learned of Mr. Elsesser’s record-setting efforts with the organization that fosters home ownership for families that otherwise could not buy after Habitat dedicated a home in his name – an extremely rare honor.

While well deserved, from Mr. Elsesser’s perspective, all the hoopla, though, is no doubt mere window dressing: His true “reward” may be found in the bricks-and-mortar of the nearly 1,300 homes that he has helped raise or refurbish over the last 26 years.

Mr. Elsesser, in fact, initially turned down the trip to New York with its recognition opportunity only to be persuaded by the organization he loves.

“It’s kind of out of my style,” Mr. Elsesser said when reached by phone Tuesday before his trip. “I’m not used to the spotlight. I’m more of the bashful type. It’s just another thing.”


Mr. Elsesser, though, is not just another volunteer.

He personifies the type of effort that makes a lot of very good things possible, everything from homes for the homeless, food for the hungry, helping hands for the sick or afflicted and so much more.

Thank you, Mr. Elsesser.

And thank you to those who give so much back to our community.

You, indeed, make the world a better place. One person, one project at a time.

-Eagle editorial