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Local company repairs roof at Operation Open Arms

By Staff | Mar 12, 2014

Workers from CFS Roofing repairing the leaky roof in St. James City headquarters of Operation Open Arms. ED FRANKS

David Crowther, owner of CFS Roofing services, heard about John Bunch’s leaking roof from former Lee County Commissioner Tami Hall.

“Tami introduced me to John Bunch,” Crowther said. “I looked into his organization, Operation Open Arms of Southwest Florida, and was impressed with the work he was doing. Several months later he called me about a leaking roof and I offered to make the repairs free of charge as a thank you for the work that John does.”

Operation Open Arms of Southwest Florida is dedicated to the care and treatment of post rheumatic stress disorder. On April 19, 2005, Operation Open Arms was founded. Since this date OOA has provided free one-week R&R vacations for 2,848 U.S. servicemen and women returning from Afghanistan and Iraq plus other foreign duty stations such as South Korea; Guantanamo, Cuba; and Kuwait. Besides providing free R&R’s, OOA and a network of 245 businesses/Individuals have provided 99 free weddings for E-5’s and below. OOA’s 100th and last wedding is scheduled for the fall of 2014.

Operation Open Arms is a 501c3 public charity.