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St. James City Civic Association dedicates Ward Lanai

By Staff | Dec 23, 2013

Sharon Astle, president of the St. James City Civic Association, presents a commemorative plaque to Dennis Ward. Photo provided

“Thanks to Kristen and Stephen and all of our volunteers for a wonderful turkey dinner and fabulous 50th year,” said Sharon Lee Astle, president of St. James City Civic Association. “Thanks to the activity leaders who make St. James City Civic Association the place to go. Thanks to the board of directors who serve us.”

“Five years ago, we surveyed all of you members and budgeted accordingly for a floor cleaner, new ceiling fans, an emergency back-up fund, a new stove, and a third space for holding meetings.”

“During year 50, we all gave back to SJCCA and the community with the construction of the lanai – and the space has been used. Project coordinators are Dennis Ward and Maryann Harms. Contractor is Dewey Duschaine. Additionally, we found out that we have out-grown our electrical service.”

“Dennis Ward asked the Board of Directors and received permission to rectify our electrical service to bring us from 200 amp to 400 amp service. Dennis Ward, Denny Dekker and Sue Weir are project coordinators and Russell Smith the contractor. This expansion of our electrical service is a gift from Dennis Ward in Memory of Ruth Ward and starts off St. James City Civic Association’s next fifty years in a more powerful place.”

“In recognition of the many years of generosity of time, volunteer service, and financial gifts of the Ward family to SJCCA, we dedicate The Ward Lanai today. The SJCCA board of directors on December 12, 2013 commissioned a raised-letter cast aluminum plaque naming The Ward Lanai, established 2013 in honor of the efforts of Dennis Ward and his family. The SJCCA Board Thanks You.”

“Mr. Ward is SJCCA Treasurer Emeritus, a past President of SJCCA and continues to serve as a director of SJCCA.”