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Don’t fly a tattered American flag

By Staff | Jul 18, 2012

To the editor:

If you’re going to fly an American flag, don’t disrespect it by flying it in a tattered condition. You might just as well use it for a floor mat. It’s very embarrassing to ride around the island and see how many tattered flags are flying.

The American Civic Liberties vision hasn’t deemed it unconstitutional to fly an American flag yet, but give them time. And if they don’t, the Supreme Court will. The Supreme Court! Look up senile in the dictionary and you’ll see their pictures. Imagine, ruling that stating that you’re a combat wounded vet when you’re not is not a crime. If ever a random drug test is needed it should start at the top with the Supreme Court.

Notice the TV commercials are longer and there’s more of them, and how the game shows are giving away huge amounts of money, and about 75 percent of the shows on TV are trash.

Guess who’s paying for that. That’s right, you are by buying the products that sponsor the shows. I would rather see the contestant win $10 and cut the price of my peanut butter in half.

“America’s Funniest Videos” gives us a good idea of the mentality of the American people as a whole. They’ll do anything for money, even put family members lives in danger for the almighty buck. I hope the insurance companies don’t pay off on claims for those people since their stupidity at its highest.

Noticed that Nestle Juicy Juice (apple flavored) concentrate comes from China. I can only imagine what their sanitary rules are when there are so many 8-year-olds working long hours in their mills and factories. That will be one of thousands on my not to buy list.

Quick recap. Thou shalt not fly a tattered flag out of respect to all the servicemen that died protecting the flag and what it stands for. Next, if you pick up a product and see it’s made in China, put it back and put one of that nation’s workers on unemployment for a change.

We’re blessed with a great country now if we can only get rid of the politicians it would truly be paradise. God Bless.

Ralph Brookhart

St. James City