Pine Island Eaglehttp://www.pineisland-eagle.comTop Blogsen-usSun, 21 Sep 2014 16:08:48 EDTSun, 21 Sep 2014 16:08:48 EDT Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blanc <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> The folks a...Thu, 18 Sep 2014 23:05:51 EDT2011 Smoking Loon Steelbird Chardonnay <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> I used to tell customers at my wine shop, that the best characteristic of an inexpensive wine was the absence of...Thu, 11 Sep 2014 07:34:36 EDTGone Fishing <P> Norm's Tasting Notes <P> August 19 <P> . <P> Time to go fishing again, so no Norm's Tasting Notes for a few weeks.Sun, 24 Aug 2014 07:54:40 EDT2013 Anderra Sauvignon Blanc <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> The House of Mouton Rothschild has a relatively new venture in Chile producing Bordeaux varietals with a Chilean signature.Thu, 14 Aug 2014 09:46:56 EDT2011 Trimbach Gewurztraminer 29-14-PIE <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> <P> This past weekend the "Chardonnay Queen" and I had reason for a small celebration, so we went to a well known upscale seafood...Thu, 7 Aug 2014 08:19:15 EDT