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Islander offers more on the topic of abortion

February 12, 2020
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I would like to add to the discussion about abortion.

Isn't the real reason for abortion that men are free to walk away from a relationship with a woman who has become pregnant without having to face any consequences? And then the woman is left alone to make all the decisions about what to do with their baby? The man is just as responsible for the child as the woman. He should not be able to leave a pregnancy. He should be held just as responsible for the welfare of the baby as the woman. I don't think the solution is to take it out on the child. I think the solution is to have legal ramifications against a man who leaves a pregnant woman, and I don't think taxpayer's money should be used for abortion but rather to enact legislation requiring the man to be responsible for the life he has brought into this world and not abandon it. Adoption is a far more sensible and moral option for a couple who feel they are not ready to raise a child. There are more than enough couples who can't have children who would love to hold a baby in their arms. Saving a life through adoption and holding the men responsible is where our taxpayers money should go. It should not go to the death of the child through abortion and allowing men to abandon their families.

Michael J. Silberg




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