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Separating truth from fiction

December 25, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

In response to a last week's editorial contributor trumpeting misinformation, if you do "wonder about the never ending saga by the media and Democrats" and "use of foreign aid" in pursuing any office for America's government, then you must also wonder, or more importantly have a need to know, whether there's voracity in the words of those who accuse, condemn and otherwise denigrate the intent of those who already hold public office and are truly working to protect America's interests, domestic and international.

The contributor who penned these words has an agenda to denigrate the intent, whether honest, well-intentioned or otherwise, of those he accuses and to dissuade any having an opposing opinion, not to promote truth. So to those who do wonder on either account, I suggest you take the time to actually look behind his "curtain of defamation" to the actual content, words and intent of the individuals he is condemning. Take the time to pursue (via the following URLs for both the actual Congressional letter content and a follow-up fact-checking organization's review / comments on) any truth in those words: dez%20joint%20letter%20to%20General%20Prosecutor%20of%20Ukraine%20on%20Mueller%20investigation.pdf

If you do so, you have a verified and vetted basis for a personal comparison of the contributing Democratic sponsors' actual words against that editorial contributor's interpretation of the exchange. Not doing so or accepting his defaming statements as truth makes you, as in all cases where there is intent to feed the public "al-ternate facts" to truth, complicit in disseminating misinformation and falsifications.

America is being inundated from within/without with politically-driven misinformation, falsifications and blatant lies intended to bend voter opinion to some political agenda. As citizens and hopefully true patriots to America, it is your personal judgement, not the words and accusations of partisan demagogues, that can apply truth-to-power against all who work to undermine our Constitution / Rule of Law. It is separating truth from fiction that restores honesty and creates judgement that must be counted upon to ensure the integrity of America's government and the future of this democratic republic for our children / future generations ... It is up to you now and in the future!

Alvin G. Coiner

St. James City



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