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Fun with limericks

December 25, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

There once was a fellow named Trump

He decided to go on the stump

By his wits he's protected

Opponents n'er expected

He'd win with such a re-sounding thump

So his time in office began

On day one the lies hit the fan

They wanted him out

But had no one to tout

So they sought to impeach this man

They made up more lies as they went

Took time from their jobs as they spent

A 3 year hunt for a crime

But it's a big waste of time

With hatred their efforts were rent

So another campaign cranked up

His detractors were full from their sup

Of lies and deceit

To their halls they retreat

To find more dirt to put in their cup

But alas, no dirt could they find

So they pondered and troubled their minds

Who'll it be next four years

And in spite of their tears

Again Donald Trump comes to mind

Why do they not want him here

The economy is something to cheer

Do they fear him that much

That they overtly make such

False stories to mask what they fear

That they can't get a boost for their party

No matter how many new smarties

They bring to the fray

The next 300 days

The next win will be just as hearty

The river's uphill you can't swim it

A large battle, surely he'll win it

Help Trump drain the swamp

And politically tromp

Those who should-be sub-ject-to-term-limits

John Norton

St. James City



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