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What ghosts?

December 18, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Ah, yes, ghost writers abound. Well you know what I mean, not really ghosts. After all, the Eagle makes us identify ourselves to the readers.

But let's look at the "ghosts" of Christmas past. Counting from the 56th Congress forward to today, the Senate majority was Democratic approximately 56 percent of the time, and Republican approximately 54 percent of the time. The House of Representatives majority was Democratic approximately 59 percent of the time and Republican approximately 51 percent of the time. That's over 118 years. So if you want to count up accomplishments by politicians and parties, do as you will with that. Interesting also is that there were no political parties when the Constitution was written and when the First Congress convened. The Federalist Party emerged in the next Congress.

As for the "ghosts" of Christmas present, the Constitution has stood the test of time under pressure from poor leadership, international upheaval and rising and falling fortunes. Presently it is being assailed by inappropriate application of the interpretation of its tenets.

Hatred begets Reaping and sowing comes to mind.

As for the "ghosts" of Christmas future, people who are led by a party will be lost and confused. Voting the party line does not consider the person, their track record in business, politics or other fields of endeavor. Nor does it leave room for consideration that we are not a "fledgling" country as we were around 250 years ago. There is much more sophistication needed in today's requirement for leadership abilities. We must elect persons who have the proven wherewithal to perform successfully.

Just the fact that no political parties existed when the "framers" were writing our future may constitute a need for a second look at how we align ourselves in the future.

John Norton

St. James City



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