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Readers should seek out verification of presented ‘facts’

August 28, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I wonder how many PIE readers of the editorial column take note of the intended caveat referenced in the "We Want Your Opinion" box appearing there? It emphasizes the editor's position that words appearing in this column aren't "necessarily shared by PIE" and are the "opinion" of those submitting to PIE as venue allowing free expression.

America's Constitution / First Amend-ment grants that freedom to all and directs PIE along with every other ethical news media outlet to commit to following such mandate. But while an Editorial Board owns that responsibility for providing a public communication venue, doing so places great responsibility on the reader for checking the veracity (with apologies to those with an aversion to big words) within such opinions before accepting words as truth in any submitted opinion and for that matter, in any formal or informal public statements.

In today's world, such scrutiny must apply to all levels of communications. For example, broad-based vetting by several widely-accepted and ethical fact-checking organizations (GOOGLE it) are reporting that the current holder of America's POTUS role has in excess of 12,000 incidents since taking office represented questionable and simply false information as factual truth to attack and undermine opponents and ideas that deviate from his own goals and agenda.

It has been vetted as well that, particularly in all of today's political arenas and among partisan groups and support one side or the other, there are those who take up such words as their own with an intent to pursue a personal agenda or argue for a political goal. And there are others that require cautionreaders should be reminded that as has been vetted and demonstrated to be legitimate within the 2017 election, social media platforms were sending out communications to followers that has in significant proportion been labeled as "fake news" and "alternative facts" because their words represent distorted information, falsifications and frequently bold-faced lies. That same precaution is necessary regarding the upcoming 2020 elections.

Bringing that back to opinions submitted in this column, the Editor cannot shield you from untruths. Readers, if they are willing to accept propositions appearing here, are obligated to seek out verification-before-belief of opinions, statements, accusations, derisions and other such attack positions. Without such precaution we can and likely will be deceived by the insidiousness (again, apologies for use of big words) on the part of anyone presenting an argument for a personal agenda and otherwise partisan intent.

You we are responsible.

Alvin Coiner

St. James City



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