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Know what you know

June 12, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

As my granddaughter graduates from college this year, I am reflecting a bit. I wish to congratulate her and all graduates in all academic programs and endeavors this year. Ah spring, the season of new growth, a time for planning, and a glorious time for all purposes under heaven.

To the graduates, although I do not profess to be a life span expert, I do believe your generation will probably see lots of centenarians. Discuss this with family, and consider it, as medical technology continues to advance.

If this is so, then, the decisions you make today will influence your life and your world for 80 years or more from now. That's 8,760 hours per year, or 525,600 minutes, or 31,536,000 seconds. (Hope the math is close). The point is, every moment is precious in its own way. The decisions you make could easily influence vast numbers of people, but will certainly influence those you love and are close to.

Please do not underestimate the power of your choices, direction of efforts and the importance of preparing yourself for that future. The likelihood of there being overwhelming resources from government to support your efforts is always at risk, so the onus is on those decisions and preparation.

I encourage you to talk with your family about being in a constant state of organization and long-term planning as they affect the outcomes of your actions. May I suggest the choice of healthy, fruitful, fun, productive and prosperous activities for you.

Health care advantages are going to be of paramount value to you on your journey. Avoiding all practices that put you in harm's way will make the journey safer, less dependent on intervention from health care advocates and make for a more pleasant journey. Life is a trip. Make choices that allow you to enjoy the ride.

Be influenced by tried and proven scientific and statistical data. They are there at your disposal with possibly the simple use of the Internet and most of you already know how to use that resource. Therefore, you are already in the "driver's seat" when it comes to being informed. I am simply suggesting using the Internet as a guide resource to give you a basis for further inquiry in order to find out about any activity you are contemplating engagement with. In my opinion, the Internet is not the last word on chosen subjects, but a convenient place to start the research.

Find out all you can, and make informed decisions. Be a good listener. Separate fact from fiction and pursue your passions with confidence, patience and assurances from elders and subject matter experts. Be a "filler of gaps." Do gap analysis on major decisions. Understand where you are at any given moment in time, think about where you could possibly envision yourself out into the future and get knowledgeable about how you will plan to "fill in the gap" to bring your plan into fruition. Think of how you want it to be and make that your goal.

Don't hurt anyone. Love yourself. Be a mentor for younger people. Give of yourself in your community. Know that you are always on the path you choose and take others along through your leadership. Don't be afraid to lead. Ally yourself with those of like mind as you. Generate an unending respect for humanity, our planet and our universe. When you're in charge, take charge. You are in charge of your future, perhaps through study and preparation at his point, but in charge from that perspective, nonetheless. Make it count.

In my opinion, one sure thing that education does for us is to make us aware that there is always more than one way to do something.

Seek things you can do to improve a condition. Opportunity awaits.

Again, congratulations and may the best of everything be yours.

John Norton

St. James City



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