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Hoping it doesn't rain

March 6, 2019
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I recently moved here permanently - after spending 6 months here in the winter - for 8 years.

I am handicapped with muscular dystrophy, use a mobility scooter and live alone.

I contacted a roofer to put on a new metal roof - thinking it much safer than shingles. I signed a contract and gave them a hefty down payment. I contacted them this week to find out when it will be started. They said mid-April! Why so late? A person from there called me and said she had filed a permit and the reason she said mid-April was because it had to go through the historical society! I'm not changing anything other than the material used!

I then got an email from the planner, Mr. Blackwell saying he understood I needed to make my house handicapped accessible. No, Mr. Blackwell, I'm not! It already is accessible! He then said I needed to fill out a special certificate of appropriation (COA) and there would be a hearing sometime mid-April.

Now here I am elderly, handicapped and with a leaking roof!! Just had new insulation put in the attic that got wet from the last 2 rains and my ceiling is getting damaged - knowing rainy season will happen! Wondering if my attic will develop mold on top of this problem.

Historic district? I've been watching a huge house being built since last winter across the street from me. No - not 1 story like the historical district claims we are in - but 3!! It goes from lot line to lot line!! The historical district said "Oh well, it will fit right in!" NOT!

Can anyone tell me why changing my roof to metal - making it safer - is in violation of this so called historical district? I guess money talks (big house)!

I have an attorney here that I just used to secure this house, paid him a lot of money and if my house suffers more from the leaks, I guess I'll be calling him again.

Now I have to fill out this long 2-page COA, not knowing what some of the things mean, and hope it doesn't rain!

Judy Aeschliman




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