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Red tide is NOT the problem

August 22, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

The $1.3M which Gov. Scott is sending to Lee County is largely intended to help clean up and recover from the red tide disaster. Thank you! We sorely need that money but that money is not what we need. What we need is a commitment, a plan and funding to address the underlying cause of these algae blooms, namely, pollution! While the clean-up money will make us feel better in the short term, it does nothing (and Gov. Scott says nothing) about the real issue. What Gov. Scott does say is that we are fighting "to learn more about this naturally occurring phenomenon." That statement alone has got Big Sugar up on their feet and applauding. What this means is that Gov. Scott will do nothing about the underlying pollution and he will use any excuse, however flimsy, to avoid taking actions which might upset Big Sugar.

What the governor should be saying is, "It is clear that the various sources of pollution, most notably the overflow from Lake Okeechobee and residential and commercial pollution, have taken a naturally occurring phenomenon and turned it into an unnatural killer. And it is a killer that is more and more likely to return year after year. The true source of the problem is pollution, not red tide." Got it Gov.??? Of course you do, you have had it all along but you have not done what needs to be done to solve it.

And we see this at the local level, too, when, for example, the city of Cape Coral enters into "partnerships" with commercial entities on development projects which not only ignore adverse environmental impacts but may actually require the city to actively fight against environmentally important actions such as runoff control and the restoration of the Ceitus Barrier. People will pay big money to live with access to the water. Don't they understand that soon there will be no life beneath that beautiful rippling surface? What will their property be worth when that happens?

What this tells me is what we all have known for a long time. When the choice is between short-term profit and the long-term welfare of the environment the environment and our children's future will suffer. After years of having our politicians mumble their way out of meaningful action, it is time we accepted the fact that the state of Florida, as an institution owned and managed by Big Sugar, Big Developers and their Cronies, will NEVER do what needs to be done.

So: I will vote for the first candidate from either party to sign the petition to have the federal government utilize Right of Eminent Domain to acquire and modify land south of Okeechobee sufficient to provide a clean watershed for all of southern Florida and to take whatever ancillary actions as might be necessary to ensure clean water for our future.

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A sad PS: I have received dozens of slick fliers from candidates in the upcoming primary election. NONE of the fliers I have received cites clean water as a major issue! They all seem determined to focus instead on what a bum their opponent is (and to make sure they publish the most unflattering photo of him or her they can find) Juvenile nonsense!

Voters! Demand that clean water be made a top priority issue and demand that your candidates take a real stand to which they can be held accountable.

Eric Bagranoff,

Matlacha, a formerly wonderful

little island village in Lee County, Florida



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