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We are not getting both sides of the news

August 15, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I read with interest the letter submitted by Susan McGuire. She gave us a history lesson on "lying press." My husband and I channel search through the various news media stations. I may not call if fake news, I call it "absence of news."

A prime example is Jim Acosta CNN balked and complained about how the people ranted and raved at the Trump rally while he was trying to do a live feed. Then both Chuck Todd (MSNBC) and Anderson Cooper (CNN) played Acosta's tape. Followed by Sarah Sanders press briefing when she stated, "The president believes in Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech." Both commentators turned to their panels and asked if they agreed the president is condoning "verbal abuse."

I want to know where these commentators were when Maxine Waters rallied people to go and harass anyone from Trumps administration. She said confront them if you see them in a mall, restaurant, etc. To me this is not only verbal abuse but possibly inciting physical abuse.

This is my absence of the news. I did not hear or see anyone of these stations negatively speak about Ms. Waters and her comments. I have not heard them report that the separation of child from their mothers at the border was started back prior to Trump's election as president nor that the pictures they showed of children in cages were from 2014.

Gee, who was president then?

So let's be fair. Call it what you like, but we are not getting both sides of the news on many of these stations.

Donna Loibl




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