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Mitigate algae at its source

July 25, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Area newspapers, TV stations, radio broadcasts and more to date are providing excellent coverage of the algae/green slime situation in our local waterways. Yet we fail to see positive action taking place at any level - state, county, city, municipality, Corps of Engineers ... lots of chatter, no proven results.

America's petrochemical industry maintains vast arsenals of components - skimmers, sweepers, vacuums, sludge removers, massive suction pumps, pontoons and more may be made accessible for cleaning up major oil spills, subsea leakage, ship damage, offshore platform catastrophes, biohazard accidents. More than likely this type equipment, properly utilized, could vacate or redirect all or most of the algae and waterborne contaminants from our waterways. Have our news media or elected officials reached out to our giant petrochemical companies for assistance or professional advice?

Given COE's decades of engineering prowess in similar circumstances one presumes a pro-active stance would be taken, rather than waiting for puppet strings to be pulled from more concerned levels. What is the feasibility of placing filters, pumps, pollution screens at Lake O's discharge sluices to create a collection process of algae before they reach our rivers, lakes, and streams?

Experiments are being conducted today to consider algae, a natural occurrence, as a possible substitute for hyrdo-carbons as a viable fuel source. Rather than pumping algae into ground wells or land fills, where it may stagnate and pollute our ground water, America's creativity may find positive, beneficial uses as agricultural sprays, soil enrichment, pesticide, insecticide, agricultural nutrition - sprayed over hundreds of undeveloped or under-developed land on both side of Hwy 82 between Daniels Parkway and Hwy 29 algae may become wild bird feed.

Just a few thoughts from the deep end.

Tom Dolan

Cape Coral



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