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Open letter to Sen. Rubio regarding Lake Okeechobee

July 25, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Thank you for your detailed response and your awareness of the history of the issue. Understanding the questionable decisions in the past 80 years, it is incumbent on all of Florida lawmakers and government entities to take more decisive actions to reverse these past decisions and return the natural flows into the Everglades.

It appears to those who are not "in the loop" that Big Sugar and the Army Corps of Engineers have been the culprits from the beginning, and that Big Sugar money is still the driving force. I also understand that Big Sugar provides jobs and income to a large number of voting Floridians so to remain in office you need to walk a fine line. But I also believe that your responsibility is to serve the better good. Southwest Florida waters have been a tourist mecca and a major fishing and shellfish industry helping to support the entire state. The damages being done to Florida waters can be greater than a major Gulf oil disaster.

Several years ago the Florida voters approved the funding for repairs to the Lake O problems including dike repairs and other solutions. As far as I can determine that voter authorized funding was never spent for the purposes intended, and I would appreciate your input on what happened to that voter allocated money.

I am naive to the machinations of today's politics to get elected and then to remain in office, but I do pride myself with having good common sense. In the past decade this country's governance is becoming more and more non-sensical, and I pity coming generations trying to provide for the destiny promised to all citizens of the greatest country in the world; but I guess nothing lasts forever. Sad.

Ronald Lueth




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