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We achieve more together

May 9, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Last night, at the Greater Pine Island Civic Association meeting, I was chagrinned to learn that the Matlacha Civic Association has opened its own negotiation with the Cape Coral City Council concerning their disputed land grab and annexation. What disturbed me most was that this was done without the knowledge of the GPICA and contrary to the stated position of the GPICA.

I have lived on this Island for nearly thirty years and have never seen such devision of thought and process affecting important decisions concerning all Pine Island residents. I understand that there are some issues more suited to the specific constituents in Matlacha, Bokeelia and St. James City, thus the perceived need for civic associations in each of these areas. What disturbs me is that issues that clearly affect the whole island area are being managed by individual associations without any coordination with, or leadership by the GPICA, which represents us all.

After all, there is one body of water that we all use. There is one environment that we all need to protect. And there is one road that we all share to get on and off this paradise. For one group to go off on their own, for whatever their good intentions, is not only fool hardy, but destructive to the cause that affects us all. Let's stop this bickering, mistrust, and destructive behavior and work together. After all, all residents in these constituent groups can join and vote in the GPICA. This is not true of islanders who reside in areas outside of these individual association geographies. Thus there is only one group association that represents us all. Lets work together to make that association the most successful it can be. Let's all join the GPICA and it's effort on behalf of all of us.

Mark N. Strom




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