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I'm taking a stand, too

March 14, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Regarding the letter written by Mr. Jim White, I am not sure of what the letter writer is trying to say, other than the fact he is not going to vote or shop any more.

I would like to ask a question, what does or is a style of gun, or for that matter anything, other than looks? Definition of style is "The way in which something is said, done, expressed, or preformed. The fashion of the moment, dress." I do not like the style of a lot of clothes that people wear, or the car they drive, or the way they walk, but I do not want them banned for anything.

Now, I am a grandfather, too, and a proud veteran, and a proud life member of the NRA. The style referred to, I guess, is not popular, I am not in love with the looks either, but to ban them for looks is stupid and has nothing to do with it. Efforts would be better put into getting the laws enforced and/or changed to fix the real problem. Mental illness, those who are dysfunctional, and the ones that have no value for life are the problem. If all of these mass killings were done by a bow and arrow or a ball bat, would you want them all banned? People who talk this way are the ones that talk from hearsay or paranoia and because they do not like something, they want to take it away from everyone.

So, to share the letter writer's words, I am taking three steps. I do not like the style of car you drive, the style of clothes you wear or the style of haircut you have, so I will not shop, vote, until all of this is banned. You take a stand, well I am taking a stand, too.

Charles Presser

St. James City



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