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Rooney's town hall meeting

February 28, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Francis Rooney's presentation at his Fort Myers Town Hall meeting last Thursday spoke of his meeting as "representative government."

Representative government is defined as "An electoral system where citizens vote to elect people to represent their interests and concerns." As such, Mr. Rooney either misuses or misunderstands his role as our district's elected representative, elected to Congress to represent our interests and concerns.

An example was made that over 80 percent of his constituents support net neutrality, and Mr. Rooney flatly opposes it. Mr. Rooney refuses to represent his constituents in this issue; representative government clearly does not apply here.

While only 28 percent of Americans oppose the Mueller investigation into Russian interference into our 2016 election, Rooney nevertheless still stuck by his assertion that it was a "witch hunt." He further asserted that the independent investigation was created solely to implicate Trump, either a total misunderstanding of its purpose or a lie ... but not representing the interests of his district or our country he vowed to protect.

Our nation does not want to talk about the threat that guns pose to our safety as a society, and Mr. Rooney is no exception. But to have Parkland survivors in the room and to repeat, over and over, canned responses that are not solutions comes across as cold hearted and dismissive.

"Hardening the target" with an armed and guarded entrance to a school is a pat answer and it only ensures that the guard will be the first to be shot. Children go outside for sports, recess and to get on and off the bus. People attend concerts, church, and are entitled to their freedom from random slaughter as much as gun owners are allowed their freedom to own weapons of choice. These freedoms must be balanced. As an elected representative, your job is to work for that balance.

Representative government means us, Mr. Rooney, not you.

Susan McGuire, on behalf of Pine Island ROAR,

a progressive grassroots advocacy organization, Bokeelia



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