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Let's quit sniping ...

January 10, 2018
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Susan McGuire's letter to the editor, on behalf of ROAR was also printed in the News-Press and not met favorably. One commenter called her "another loon from Pine Island." I wouldn't go that far. Just another Democrat that cannot get over the Hillary loss. There was a reason (well, many) that Hillary lost but that is not what counts. Trump is our president and as a country, we need to get behind him. Trump was elected because we needed change and he was the best candidate to effect that change.

Those numbers that Susan expounds are not real numbers. Depending on who or where you poll, you will receive the numbers you want. I may not agree with all that Trump wants to do but he is my president and I want him and America to succeed.

Let's quit this sniping and get behind President Trump and let's see if we can make America great again.

Thomas Davis




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