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Much ado about nothing

October 18, 2017
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Well, the television news reporters did it again. Making a martyr out of the Vegas killer for all the wierdos out there and then telling other weirdos how to make a machine gun out of their regular gun. The killer is dead, a lot of people dead, don't give other killers a target. "Let's see, he killed about 60, I can kill 100 or 200 with no problem. Boy look at all the publicity I'll get. Probably make the book of records."

Hearing that day after day is disgusting, especially for the families of the dead. You didn't gain one thing by broadcasting it so much. Give it a break. And to the do-gooders that keep talking about gun controls, you can have all the rules you want but if somebody is sick in the head and he's got money he's going to get whatever he wants. Gun control is not the answer. Come up with something better.

Ralph Brookhart

St. James City



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