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Mosquito Commissioners have misled the public

October 18, 2017
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Dear friends and neighbors, please plan to attend a hearing regarding the proposed Lee County Mosquito Control's Plan to consolidate and add a heliport at the end of Woodstock Road in St James City. The meeting will be held on Thursday (Oct. 19) morning in the Hearing Examiner's Meeting Room, at 1500 Monroe St., Fort Myers, Fl. 33901. For further information or directions you can call 239-533-8585.

To accomplish this change, the Mosquito Control Commissioners are attempting to change the current zoning from AG2 to CF3. This is a change from Agricultural to Community Facilities zoning. A CF3 zoning is assigned for "the purpose and intent of the community facilities district to accommodate and provide opportunities for the suitable location of community services and facilities which are not approved as part of a planned development." For example, The Pine Island Plan. Some examples might be a heliport, a drug rehab unit, a jail or any other public facility currently not approved for this land.

The land in question borders 20/20 Land, Calusa Land Trust Land and The Charlotte Harbor State Preserve. The Commissioners have informed the public that during the mosquito season helicopters could be landing to refuel every 15 minutes. They plan to land and take-off over the mangroves. They plan to store 4,000 gallons of fuel and 4,000 gallons

of insecticide in above ground tanks at this location. This is a high hazard flood zone. The proposed location will NOT change the current service we receive, rather it will be a consolidation of other current sites.

In addition to the Mosquito Control's use of this land, the Fire Department will transport emergency medical cases (down this rutty, semi-paved road), the Sheriffs' Department and the Forestry Department. The hours of operation for these purposed will be 24/7 depending upon circumstances.

No noise impact study has been done. No study on the impact of helicopter gasses on mangroves, endangered species and humans have been completed. In light of our last hurricane scare, this would be an environmental disaster waiting to happen.

The Mosquito Commissioners have misled the public as to their true plans. To read exactly what they have planned, please go to "Lee County Mosquito Control District Commissioners." Use the executive archives prompt to get to the dated board meetings. Skim the minutes until you find: project update. Begin with the June, 2016 meeting minutes and read to August,2017, to find the extent of misinformation that has been fed to the public and the Zoning Board.

The Commissioners have presented that the majority of Pine Islanders are in favor of this project, when quite the contrary is true. Please plan to attend so that we can show by number that we do not want this zoning change.

Claudia Bringe



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