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Don’t confuse annexation and incorporation

August 30, 2017
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I hear those who say that they don't want to be annexed by Cape Coral and I agree. What confuses me is why would you want to create one governmental body simply to prevent another?

When those leading this incorporation drive began, the financial picture was little more than positive and now with Cape Royal voting overwhelmingly against participation, the viability is on life support.

Let one long overdue hurricane strike after incorporation and I assure you we will go directly to the bottom of every relief list in Southwest Florida. With little in the way of available city funds, any real recovery will be years away.

We are told that roads will continue to be maintained by Lee County but anything beyond the main highways will see little attention.

We are told that building codes, trash collection, fire protection and ambulance service will be unchanged. Then obviously incorporation would do little in this regard.

In fact, other than preventing annexation by Cape Coral, incorporation does nearly nothing positive for our community and places us at real financial risk.

So let's look at that possibility. If we vote to prevent annexation by voting for incorporation and the test vote of nearly 80 percent says we would, then we would indeed stop them. However, the law says that land can only be incorporated by an adjacent entity of the owners of that land vote to approve it.

Now if we would vote overwhelmingly to incorporate (and the only reason is to stop annexation), and we would vote overwhelmingly to stop annexation anyway, why bother to incorporate and drastically increase our financial risk?

After nearly 70 percent of our area voters just chose Donald Trump as president, I'm wondering if we are really able to decide what is in our own best interest.

Tom Brown




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