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Explaining a point

August 23, 2017
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Note to the letter writer who made the claim that I did not have my facts correct with regard to incorporation and the loss of homestead exemption and "Save Our Home" benefits for those Pine Island property owners who currently receive them.

It is the taxing authority, in this case the new municipality not Lee County, that would make the rules governing property taxation for Pine Islanders. The new city with its mayor and council would be empowered to change millage rates and do away with the aforementioned benefits in order to raise, in my opinion, badly needed monies.

At this moment I can hear the argument coming from council chambers and it goes something like this: "In an effort to achieve parity and fairness for all of our taxpayers, we have decided to end special benefits which some residents receive and others do not."

Big corporate land owners (wannabe developers) on Pine Island must love this proposal to incorporate. After all, would you rather do legal battle with deep pockets of Lee County and its cadre of lawyers or with the penniless new kid on the block?

Think carefully about this folks. There are many agendas at play.

Bob Burkett




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