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To the editor:

August 16, 2017
Pine Island Eagle

New school year

Re: Safety Tips (Aug. 9 Eagle)

I'm not a parent. I'm just a motorist. Not once in your article did it suggest, imply or stipulate that it is the parents' or students' (excuse my English) stupidity because of not being aware of their surroundings, because of being on an electronic device.

It is not always the motorist's fault. I am sorry to say this but kids nowadays don't seem to fear autos. They may have the right-of-way but I was brought up to fear a 3,000-pound automobile no matter what speed they were traveling.

I'll end with a ditty my daddy would tell us. "Here's the story of Johnny McCray, who always maintained his right-of-way. Although he was right, while speeding along, he's just as dead as if he was wrong."

Children must be aware of their surroundings, it's their responsibility too.

Michael Fontaine




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