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Speaking of churches …

August 16, 2017
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Now that we have electricity, it would be a good idea for the churches to replace candles with electric light bulbs. It should take a big chunk out of fire insurance and nobody would get burnt. And speaking of churches, I remember when I was growing up, it was whenever God's name was used, every knee would bend. Well, I can't bend my knee but I bow my head in respect. For all the things he does for me, it's the least I can do for him. I never see any priest or preacher acknowledge God's name. Seems a small price to pay.

A military officer gets more respect than God. He gets a salute and is called sir. At the name of God nothing and a bow of the head should apply to Jesus, Mary and Joseph, too. It's not such a big thing but maybe it will make God smile.

This country started going downhill when they took prayers out of the schools. Get rid of God and allow pot for sale. What's wrong with this picture?

So, if you have any respect for God, the next time you go to church and hear God's name, bow your head or bend your knee. I'm sure it will make God happy and Jesus and Mary and the Holy Spirit.

Ralph Brookhart

St. James City



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