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Guest Comment: A moment in time

June 21, 2017
By SueAnn Germani (Special to The Eagle) , Pine Island Eagle

We have all searched for that home that envelops us and causes us to sigh with closed eyes and then whisper, "I'm home." Sometimes it is a particular room that speaks to us. A sun room overlooking gardens, trees or a river that meanders by. Perhaps it is a kitchen that wraps around our mind filling it with sights, smells and sounds of laughter from family and friends but what must it feel like to walk into a home that was built over 100 years ago and say, "This is ours?"

I had the opportunity to ask the present owners of the Adams House that very question.

Adams House sits high atop a Calusa shell mound in Pineland here on Pine Island. It commands spectacular views north, south, east, west and is surrounded by 7 acres of beautiful grounds.

Article Photos

The Adams House in Pineland.


In answering my question, the couple looked over at each other, smiled deeply and said, "It just felt like home and actually it was the driveway leading up to the house that sold us."

The drive is lined with palm trees, mango, black suppose, orchid trees, and a ylang ylang (the essence of which Chanel No. 5 derives from ) to name but a few. One is quite literally transported to a place of serenity and peacefulness.

Entering the home, one is wowed by sunlight streaming through the numerous windows and the scent of old wood. The sun room at the back of the house overlooks a lush green lawn flowing away from the mound and I noticed three white stakes about 50 yards apart. I asked the gentleman what they were for. He laughed and said, "They are my driving range markers." "You have a golf tee out there?"I asked incredulously. "Oh yes," he replied. "Would you like to hit some balls?"

Of course I said yes and then proceeded to embarrass myself. I swung twice and I daresay that neither the gentleman, his wife, the five chickens nor the snake will ever find the ball that I sliced out into the copse of trees that, by the way, was not anywhere near the markers I was aiming for.

The couple and I walked around the grounds and I could see in my mind's eye little children romping down the mound and through the trees. It is a wonderland that a child would blossom in. The owners told me that they could imagine the Calusa Indians coming down the hand-dug canals in their canoes to this mound and bringing their goods up to the top.

I had asked earlier if the house was haunted and the owners sort of avoided telling stories of that sort. The gentleman did say that some folks on the island have looked toward the house and have had the eerie feeling that something or someone was there watching them. Some people have said that they have seen an Indian woman with a baby in her arms standing at the top of the mound, but for the most part it's an old house that creaks and branches fall from the trees onto the roof along with coconuts, so its all just natural noises.

We were now back to the house and I had a bag of mangoes, my notes and the pleasure of meeting two very lovely people. As they walked me to my car, the gentleman's wife said, "You know, it's a happy house. I felt happiness and so if there are spirits here, I think they are happy, too."

I drove away realizing that the past and present are mingling and roiling in a cat paw fog leading us into the future. I have so much to learn about my Island and so many more places to discover in this mere moment in time.

SueAnn Germani is a long-time island resident and vice president of the St. James City Civic Association.



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