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Incorporation is the only way to stop the three groups plotting against us

May 24, 2017
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

There are three groups plotting and planning to destroy our Calusa Islands paradise.

First we have the Lee County Commissioners. If you are not aware, we are one commissioner away from losing all that Phil Buchanan fought to keep, our rural way of life. This reality was very apparent this fall when the commissioners voted not to name an environmental park after Phil.

The second group bent upon grabbing our land and lifestyle is our neighbor, Cape Coral. They have grabbed five acres in Matlacha. They have removed the Ceitus Barrier impacting our Charlotte Harbor. They are planning to remove the Chiquita Barrier which will impact St James City waters. They are planning to build a massive resort along the Burnt Store coast including 8-story condominiums and hundreds of boat slips. Further, with the court ruling, it will be possible for Cape Coral to annex any property on the shared Pine Island-Cape Coral coast if the Pine Island property owner voluntarily agrees to the annexation!

The third group is the Greater Pine Island citizens themselves. I have read and listened to all of the reasons why we shouldn't incorporate. Our taxes will increase; don't want a new level of government; our town should have more voting power over the others because.....; the lawsuits will put a stop to the annexation; it's only a small group making decisions for us; and on and on we go.

Well my friends, while we squabble among ourselves blocking the only thing that will protect us from Lee County and Cape Coral, think about the alternatives if we don't unite and incorporate. We could lose what is left of the Pine Island Plan. We are one commissioner away from high-rise buildings, density and all that Phil fought for years.

We could also become part of Cape Coral by annexation. The Cape has made no secret of their plans to become another Miami. They need our water. They need waterfront. Their government is a disaster. They vocally don't care about us.

The incorporation meetings are open to all citizens. Come and listen to the facts so you can make your own decision about incorporation. Much has been written and spread on the "coconut telegraph" that is false, distorted or embellished. The future of our beloved Greater Pine Island communities depend on us.

Claudia Bringe

St James City



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