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A tribute to Phil Buchanan

January 25, 2017
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

On Sunday, Jan. 15, our community gathered to Celebrate the Life of Phil Buchanan. This is one of the tributes paid to Phil, a warrior dedicated to service.

In Honor, Memory and Celebration

of Phil Buchanan

Greetings, Friends, Neighbors and fellow Warriors of Phil, for those of you who come to celebrate Phil's life are also likely Warriors, much like the Cherokee who have traditionally sought to live in harmony with Nature.

I would first like to thank Sam, Phil's wife, and Phil's family for so generously sharing Phil with all of us. He was a special man and thought the world of you.

In the years I have served on Matlacha Civic Association's Board of Directors, Phil selflessly and tirelessly gave of himself to preserve and protect our little community.

First and foremost, Phil worked to help us protect and preserve local water quality and our fishery, essential to Matlacha's economy and tourist attraction.

Eight years ago, Phil initiated and led scientists, environmental and civic organizations and citizens through a long and continuing battle to protect the waters and fishery of Matlacha Pass Aquatic Preserve, home to 86 threatened and endangered species. The result of the mediation process was an overwhelming vote to replace the Barrier/Boat Lift to best protect the estuary.

In September of 2010, primarily due to Phil's efforts, Lee County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to replace the Barrier/Boat Lift; and in January of 2011, working with Matlacha Civic Association and its President Bill Stoelker, Phil was instrumental in the near unanimous vote of MCA to support the replacement of a Barrier/Boat Lift to protect and preserve the water quality of Matlacha Pass Aquatic Preserve.

Additionally, Phil's legal advice assisted Matlacha with local zoning and planning issues in our efforts to maintain the historic charm of "Old Florida" in Matlacha.

Mother Earth has no boundaries. It is not mine. It is not yours. It is OURS: Ours to SHARE - Ours to PROTECT - Ours to CHERISH - Ours for our children and future generations.

It will take a community to attempt to carry on Phil's work.

Perhaps the best way to honor Phil and CELEBRATE his life is to continue his work. Become active in your community. Be vigilant. Communicate and collaborate with each other. Work together, in harmony with each other and with nature. Contribute.

Like Phil, the Warrior for our community

Place the mission first - Never accept defeat - Never quit ... NEVER GIVE UP.

Nancy Hindenach

Matlacha Civic Association



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