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Seven Island project commandeered by city

January 11, 2017
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Referring to last week's articles (in the Breeze - on what's happening in Cape Coral, thank you and hope you will have a lot more in 2017.

A few comments that were not included in your article. The "Seven Island Project" started out as a neighborhood project in having their say as to what the residents wanted and did not want. This is now a consultant's project on something the city manager and council want and are voting on, the residents are now out.

This land was purchased with funds from the city's water account, and money that should have gone back to the residents who have seen their bills doubled to pay for the new water plant.

The letters to the editor that were in The Cape Coral Breeze newspaper a couple of weeks ago from several residence from Matlacha say that part of this Seven Island purchase is in Matlacha not Cape Coral. This land along with another piece of property that is also in Matlacha.

The city of Cape Coral should not be in the real estate business and certainly should not be buying property that is in another community.

I call the city's spending this past year as very reckless and wild; we need to get back to budgeting as it should be. It is not right to take $13 million dollars out of the water account and buy land and certainly not land that belongs to another community.

The Fort Myers paper this past Monday had a story about a man that had a lighthouse for sale and would swap for property in Florida. Quoting the article "Punta Gorda is three steps away from heaven," Lundgren said. Lundgren said he considered settling in Cape Coral, but describes city politics as "unbelievably bad." This man is a New Jersey native who has this lighthouse near Chesapeake Bay, Maryland.

Richard C. Perry

Cape Coral



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