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Cape Coral invades Matlacha

December 21, 2016
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Cape Coral's plan to annex part of Matlacha is a shining example of bald-faced overreach by an out of control municipal government. The proposed annexation is nothing more than an invasion of our community by those who have made it painfully clear through their actions that they do not share our values with regard to environmental protection, clean water, stable habitats for fish and wildlife or density of development.

As property owners, the Cape can apply for appropriate permits like any other property owner in Lee County. If what they want is permissible, they can do what they wish with their property. Given that, the only logical reason for annexation is to evade Lee County oversight with respect to any proposed development. After annexation, the property will fall under Cape Coral Commercial zoning and they will in effect be both judge and jury, sitting in judgement of their own plans. That constitutes abuse of process by placing the rights of Cape Coral as property owners above all others. That should offend any taxpaying citizen's sense of justice. The rest of us need to apply for permits and respectfully comply. The Cape doesn't want to play by the rules the rest of us live by.

We choose to live in Matlacha because it is NOT Cape Coral. Responsible planning and governance should recognize the diverse desires of all its citizens in their pursuit happiness. Particularly in the place they chose to call home. The communities of Matlacha and Pine Island have already experienced a profound negative impact on quality of life at the hands of the Cape through their removal, and refusal to replace the Ceitus Barrier as ordered. Their proposed annexation of property now part of unincorporated Lee County can only serve to accelerate the destruction of the unique character of Matlacha and Pine Island. This is truly an unprecedented abuse of municipal power that should be vigorously resisted.

Bill Hartnett




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