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Traffic turning into life-and-death situation

March 18, 2015
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Some three weeks ago, my grandson was at school, in kindergarten, on island when he suddenly started having seizures, etc. Thanks to the quick-thinking diagnosis by school nurse and principal, an ambulance was called for him to go to HealthPark Hospital.

The problem was traffic in Matlacha with its numerous businesses lining the roadway. Traffic was, in fact, backed up from the Center to Burnt Store Road. As a direct result, it took my grandson's ambulance some 35 minutes to get off this island.

The ambulance guys were very professional and caring as my grandson went in and out of seizures. They could only work with what they had. Thank God my daughter rode with him in the ambulance as he was one scared little boy, for sure.

As I fought my way off the island that day to be near my grandson, the stretch of Matlacha looked like Saigon during the Tet offensive in 1968. This is, in fact, the worst-case scenario we've all dreaded but was very predictable, nonetheless.

Many school buses are also constantly late from school, people are late to and from work, and many, many suppers ruined. Traffic has now escalated into a life-and-death situation. It's no longer a inconvenience, it's deadly serious.

As I have PTSD, I probably take this harder than I should, but I don't act, I react. In closing, I have talked to Lee County zoning, so coming to a theater near you are the reactions of many other Pine Island citizens, also.

Tom Pollock

Pine Island



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