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Now it's threats ...

August 20, 2014
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Now it has boiled down to threat's ... we either accept their offer or they are going to curtail services. As Mrs. Dwyer said, that 10 years ago our illustrious Fire Department took its good sweet time getting to their house fire and with no water. They were offered help to string hoses to a nearby canal by a former firefighter that lived nearby, and he was told to butt out and not interfere with the Fire Department. He was offering help not interference. They had the pumps aboard to pump from a canal but refused to use them, because they knew what the clean-up would entail, so the outcome was that the Dwyers' house burned to the ground.

Now they want our support to fund them, so their pensions go higher and they can get a newer big screen TV. They want to spend money on new equipment that really is not needed. If they are maintained and taken care of like we do our own automobiles, they will last. Key word here is maintenance.

Everyone has and did take a hit from 9-11 and the crash of the stock market and it has been and will be a long time to recover but yet like a lot of other agencies they do not care and all they want is more and there should be a time when we the people that pay their wages (through our taxes) should say enough is enough. I for one am saying enough is enough and until they can show me that the need is there and they are willing to help and accept the help from the residents of the community when needed and offered, they will never get my support. But threats, that has gone to far. Walk into the fire station and threaten them with no payment and you will be arrested.

Chuck Presser

St. James City



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