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The biggest mistake …

April 30, 2014
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

The biggest mistake Fort Myers made was to make those water inlets by the Harborside. Duh, they're not making any more land. And now they're looking for more parking spaces in the same area. Sounds like they're working for Obama.

The biggest mistake Cape Coral ever made was the landscaping on Veteran's Boulevard. Trees and bushes on slopes is a lawn mower's nightmare. And a bunch of dead trees don't help either.

I can remember when you wanted work done, you called a contractor. He gives you a price, you shake hands, and that was that.

Now you have to sign a contract that takes about 20 minutes to read and a lawyer and a magnifying glass to read the small print.

Be cautious, might be signing off the deed to your house. Read it well.

Notice that a lot of products don't have where they're made any more. That's not fair. I'd like the option of not buying a foreign made product.

With all the millions of people that died or were effected by drugs, how come there's not a compulsory death sentence for drug dealers. Oops, I forgot, the mob won't allow it. God please no Obama war.

Ralph Brookhart

St. James City



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