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Happy March paradise dwellers and visiting friends!

April 2, 2014
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Just wanted to ask/remind folks that part of supporting this wonderful area we all so love is being kind to locals and tipping our hard working servers with kindness and fairness! (Love Thy Neighbor!)

Please don't take it out on our hard-working servers when kitchens are backed up or it takes a while to be served. Its not their fault! They scurry like crazy to make you happy! Please please tip them fairly. It's the right thing to do! Being kind by giving a fair tip is huge here & helps local workers feed their families. Really, really!

High season can make it take a bit longer to be served because we're just this incredibly busy for a short time every year and its not always easy to find staff to work for just a few months. The standard in 2014 is actually 20 percent or 15 percent if they've not been that attentive (not due to a mad lunch rush) Thats actually what they pay taxes on!

And if you stay at your table for an extra long time to enjoy music or scenery, preventing them from serving others and making a decent wage, also please keep that in mind when you tip!

Have a heart. Be Kind. Walk in your neighbor's shoes/white rubber boots.

Many thanks!

Annie Wenz

St. James City



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