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A simple solution to compatible living on a friendly island

January 29, 2014
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I don't usually write letters to the editor but after talking with a few people in our neighborhood, I thought perhaps others might have a similar concern.

We live in Bayview Acres area (off Sanibel Street) in St. James City. Many people on Sanibel and the streets off Bayview, walk their dogs. There are no sidewalks, so walking in the street is the only choice.

My concern involves the posted speed limit (the only sign I have seen is on Sanibel) of 30 miles an hour. Although there are people who slow down when they see pedestrians and their pets, others choose to continue at, or above the limit.

Although the "letter of the law" may be that 30 miles an hour is permitted, where does common sense and common courtesy come in when it relates to our fellow islanders? Further, the Sheriff Department informs me that drivers can be cited if complaints are made and/or if a driver is observed by an officer failing to take into account the safety of pedestrians no matter what the speed limit.

I am suggesting that if you are a pet owner, perhaps make a special effort to be courteous and move over if cars are approaching; and, if you are a driver, perhaps slow down and move over for the walkers. Seems like a simple solution to compatible living on a friendly island.

Paula Clegg

St. James City



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