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An affront to our intelligence

January 15, 2014
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Mr. Alexander's letter to the editor was an affront to our intelligence. A reminder that letter writers should check the facts before putting their thoughts on paper. His first "fact to consider" was that both the mother and father must be natural born citizens before the child can be president. I should have stopped reading the rest of his letter since his "fact" was not a fact and most school children would know this. But needing a laugh or two I regrettably continued.

In his following seven "facts" he assails the president for a variety of things that have been discussed and found to also not be "facts." I have seen these "facts" discussed/argued over the years and most have proven not to be facts but the lies continue. I could educate Mr. Alexander on the remainder of his "facts" but I think that would prove fruitless. If Mr. Alexander would have just stopped with his first and last sentence, it would have been a good "letter to the editor".

Thomas Davis




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