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Resisting the 'fundamental transformation of our country'

December 31, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

As we begin a new year, it might serve us well to remember that 237 years ago this holiday season, George Washington led his troops across the Potomac River on Christmas Eve. This was the moment, a turning point, a crossroads. Would the army survive to fight another season? Would this bring new hope or was it the end of the Revolution?

From the time of the crossing of the Delaware River to defeat Hessian troops in a surprise raid, and in other engagements over the next 10 days, the fate of the colonies was changed. The army survived and grew stronger. The British and Hessians almost instantly saw their enemies, these "rebellious farmers," turn into a formidable foe. And it all began when a relatively small army of patriots, led by the man who would become our first president, crossed a freezing, tempestuous river because they could see, hear and conceive a new future.

We now have in the White House a president who also wishes to conceive a new future for our country. Not one, however, based on the convictions of our founders but rather a socialist utopia devoid of faith, personal responsibility and personal freedoms. One where the government will run our lives. I for one reject Obama's concept of what America should become.

George Washington was famous for having never told a lie. Barack Obama has never told the truth, it seems, and some believe would not have been elected without his lies along with documented voter fraud. How many are suffering because of his "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan" ObamaCare lies?

Ronald Reagan, who inherited a worse economic mess from Jimmy Carter than did Obama from George Bush, managed to begin turning the economy around within 18 months. Obama has had five years and has failed, still blaming GW.

Our country is headed in the wrong direction and the majority of the American people know this.

In my opinion, we face a turning point today. If only Obama would do the honorable thing and resign! But, of course, narcissist that he is, he will not. Some believe he has committed impeachable offenses but impeachment and getting a failed president out of office are two different things.

I urge all who love this country to stand up and make it known you will resist Obama and the progressives' goal of the "fundamental transformation of our country." It must be stopped.

Kathy Jones

St. James City



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