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Common sense for our times

November 5, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

It's been over 200 years since Thomas Paine galvanized American colonists with his pamphlet "Common Sense," urging separation from Britain and freedom for the colonists. Among other things Paine contended that Britain governed the colonies for its own benefit and not for the colonists. Sound familiar? Fast forward 237-plus years. Try substituting Washington for Britain. Guess who the colonists are today.

My folks taught me fiscal prudence and personal responsibility, common sense notions for their times. None of that from Washington today: a $17 trillion national debt and tens of trillions more in unfunded liabilities. When many of us run out of money we work to get more, do without, or cut back. Washington? They tax a bunch, borrow a lot of what they don't have and print the rest (and more). Common sense? What happens when the guys on the other end of the phones at the T-Bill auction say "None today, thanks?" Guess who'll be left holding the bag.

For common sense we'll have to focus closer to home.

What happens when you join a group and find out they're spending a lot of money, delivering little to no value pursuing a redundant, obsolete mission? You find a real value proposition or pull the plug and find something else to do. Doesn't happen in government very often, but it does when concerned citizens take action and responsibility. I was amazed to read recently that concerned citizens in Lee County decided that a relic of the Dust Bowl days had outlived its usefulness and should be disbanded. Observing that the organization was down to spending $500 per visit inspecting sprinkler systems and doing little else, the board took action, ultimately voting to disband after refunding six figures to taxpayers. For the rest of the story visit the Libertarian Party of Lee County's website:

It's up to us to restore common sense in government. The Lee County Soil and Water Board has shown us what concerned citizens willing to take action and responsibility can do. Start at home. Live within our means. Reduce our deficits. Free up dollars for wiser more productive investments. Make sure your government works for you, for your freedom, and not for the bondage of unlimited indebtedness.

Hugh Myers

Cape Coral



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