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Affordable Care Act  and jobs

October 23, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I have seen a lot of chatter in the newspapers about how Republicans have lost it all. And that the Tea Party is bad because of it wanting to defund the Affordable Care Act.

Well, folks, you need to look a bit closer at what is taking place with the Affordable Care Act. I would guess not one of those yelling about Republicans have only part-time jobs that they are working to make ends meet.

Folks that cannot find full-time employment and working part-time of 32 hours are going to lose 4 hours of the 32 hours. Their employers are reducing their hours because they cannot afford to pay for their health insurance.

And let me be very clear about this, I am not referring to Walmart or McDonald's. I am talking about most of the school districts in Indiana. These school districts are stretched to their limits and cannot cope with the additional costs of adding in health care. They are reducing their hours of part-time employees from 32 hours to 28 because the Affordable Health Care states that 30 hours a week is fully employed and mandatory health care insurance is required.

This is a major problem about the Affordable Care Act. It actually creates a reduction in hours for part-time employees and take-home pay for those that are trying to stay off welfare and make ends meet.

There should be no doubt there are a tremendous amount of other school districts outside of Indiana that are going through the same painful crisis.

To think that the Affordable Care Act may put more people into jeopardy of not being able to support themselves by denying them the ability to work to bring home enough money to make ends meet is tragic.

What is even more tragic is the fact that our government is almost $17 trillion dollars in debt and borrowing almost half of all the money it spends.

Europe recognized that they you can't borrow money forever and worked its way out of it's debt problems and all our White House wants to do is ignore the debt and spend even more money which it doesn't have.

Europe will be moving into a better economy and greater prosperity for its people while ours will fail when the Federal Reserve can no longer print money fast enough to keep interests rates low. Even President Carter commented that more of the middle class is living closer to the folks on poverty.

The Republicans have been victimized by the media as not caring but once you see first hand of the problems in the Affordable Care Act and the national debt, you have a better understanding of their values of trying to get our country back on track.

Leo Amos




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