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Waiting for a response

October 16, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I sent this e-mail to Sen. Bill Nelson and to date I have not received a response.

Medicare is not free. My wife and I paid into Social Security/Medicare for years. Our supplement runs close to $400 a month. Then we have the RX plans that we both pay. Now our family doctor has sent letters that due to the Affordable Heath Care Act, he will accept the amount that Medicare and our supplement allows and then bill us for the remainder.

We asked him to defund Obamacare as suggested for this budget year.

Sen. Nelson claims he is working for his constituents. I guess it is only those that are on his voting logs. Sen. Nelson stated last week that we the people don't really understand the act.

Well, I wonder if he actually does or if he has even read it. He also said that Congress would be going on Obamacare after the first of the year, but it has been debated in the news that Congress has also received the waiver that President Obama has given to select companies. Are the unions next?

This is no the original act that the Supreme Court said was legal. Our president has made changes to the act without Congress's approval.

I just have this feeling that Obamacare is going to dig deeper into my pocket then some of our Congressman are willing to acknowledge.

Joseph Loibl




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