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Internet cafe closures have impacted older residents and so have hurt businesses

September 4, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

A wake up call for the local businesses. Time for Outback, Applebee's, Longhorn, Olive Garden, and other local restaurants to speak out. The elderly have spent thousands and thousands of gift cards at your places of business that they received from the small casinos that Gov. Scott closed overnight.

The elderly, like my wife and I, used to go out eating twice a month and the local casino patrons on Social Security were able to go out like us twice a week. This was a good few hours for a couple to enjoy themselves.

The gift cards also helped Winn Dixie, Sweet Bay, Publix Market and Home Depot and Lowe's, etc. etc. The ones that will feel it more are the restaurants. Wal Mart also will feel it, too.

The big casino and other gambling outfits, with big donations to Scotts upcoming campaign, I'm sure didn't hurt him to make his decision.

Come September, October, etc., etc. the elderly will again cut down on going out to eat, and go more back to fast food.

So all of you business people better wake up and give your response to your once-a-week local papers and your daily newspapers. The snowbirds won't have those gift cards to help your business and keep your help. So don't brush it aside and think it will be business as before. It won't be with gas and food prices going up. The elderly are going to need these gift cards and so will you. So speak out or let the governor win one more. The small casinos has helped this area for years now. Your voice needs to be heard.

Maruice Campeau

North Fort Myers



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