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In the end, good will win through

July 16, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

I feel I must make a response to the recent letter from Lewis Robinson M.D. regarding the political state of our country. I certainly agree with the writer that in the end good will win over evil but unfortunately Dr. Robinson fails to recognize which side is good. To state that the president's agenda is that of the people is an outright falsehood; the president's agenda has been foisted on the American people by crafty and deceitful political maneuvers, by executive orders and by left wing judges.

The majority of the people do not want the progressive radical left wing ideology that consumes the Democrat party of today. These ideologies are so far opposed to the will of the people that this administration has caused an enormous divide in this country which didn't exist before.

Now, if anyone dares to think their own thoughts and express them freely they are verbally attacked and vilified if those opinions are in opposition to the left wing agenda. Dr. Robinson himself did that in his own published letter when he stated the GOP, Tea Party, conservative obstructionists stand in the way of honest Democratic government! Let me state the obvious here that in any free society it is the existence of the opposition party that keeps the governing party in check, without this there would be no honest Democratic government.

I happen to have marched on Washington in a rally of almost a million and a half people in what the popular press termed as a Tea Party. Let me tell you that those people were from every state in the union and all walks of life. There were families of three generations and there were teenagers and senior citizens. They were genuine, friendly people, they were very well behaved, they picked up trash where they found it and left the place cleaner than when they arrived.

They all had one single purpose however, which was to say to all the peoples representatives, "you're not listening to us the voters, we don't like what you're doing." For this expression of opinion, of course, they were eventually mocked and vilified because they were in opposition to the progressive movement of the radical left.

Dr. Robinson asked, "why not be ambitious when people are in need." Well people are in need because of the failure of this government and this administration to address those needs. Have any of the political battles brought to the attention of the media headlines been about addressing people in need? No, the battles have always been ones of ideology and party policy and the great issues which are dividing our people instead of uniting us. A stroke of the pen and an oil pipeline would have provided prosperity and tens of thousands of jobs, a clear statement and straightforward answers to genuine concerns regarding foreign diplomacy instead of the inflammatory comment of "what difference does it make." These actions are ones that would have united us and given us some insight, had they been taken.

Yes, I feel that in the end good will win through, and eventually the will of the people shall be done and when it is I think the good doctor will be surprised at the result.

Patrick Shepherd

St. James City



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