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A sad state of affairs

July 2, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

As of today, the USA's national debt is $16.8 trillion and is increasing at the rate of $45,000 each and every second, 24/7/365. Under the previous administration, it grew at the rate of $19,000 each and every second 24/7/365 for eight consecutive years. We have been and are accelerating our rate of decline down the slippery slope of insolvency.

In our Congress we have 100 elected Senators, (52 Dems. and 46 Reps. + 2 IND.) and a total of 435 elected members of the House of Representatives, (234 Reps. and 201 Dems). At a glance this appears to be a nearly equally balanced group of elected officials.

In total we have 535 elected members of Congress plus one President, or a total of 536 incompetent and irresponsible representatives in Washington, D.C.

Let us contemplate taxes and spending. The President is constitutionally charged with the preparation of the annual budget that, in fact, carries absolutely no legal weight. Constitutionally, Congress is assigned the task of all appropriation of spending funds and the levying of all taxes. Quite simply, this means all government spending decisions are made by Congress alone. In the event of a presidential veto, Congress has the authority to override his/her veto with a simple 2/3 majority vote. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to notice that Congress calls all the shots on taxes, spending, and therefore, the resulting national debt.

Have you ever wondered why both major political parties criticize the national debt, the cost of domestic social programs, the news media, the lobbyists, the tax code, inflation, unemployment, banking practices, flawed foreign policy, foreign aid, and most of all, each other. The Congress is constitutionally charged with the responsibility to control all domestic problems that plague the USA. Some body needs to remind them this fact.

First, they have created the major problems, then they use them as a divisive wedge to campaign against each other for the sole purpose of winning re-election. We have all of these on going and continuous problems precisely because Congress wants them! If not, they would not exist.

Surely, 315 million American citizens are capable of electing more competent representatives. If we are not, we have become a mirror image of the Congressional behavior. It appears as though we have this unmanageable mess simply because we want it!!!

If you want more of the same, simply re-elect all of them. If you are fed up and disgusted with the status quo, vote all of them out of office, regardless of party affiliation. If we,the general public, continue to tolerate this lousy performance we have apparently became part of the problem and are doomed for disappearance as a Republic.

R.E. Workman

Cape Coral



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