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More issues of concern

June 26, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

Wouldn't it be nice if Gov. Scott would give wounded warriors free license plates for life. Least the state could do.

And aren't the car dealers pulling the same scam that the banks pulled? Bad credit, no credit, come see us. You'll end up losing your car, then your house, and so on and so on. It should be against the law if we had any law.

And how about bringing back the python licenses; but make it a yearly license at a good buck cause the snake is worth a good buck. Each female snake is capable of having around a hundred babies. That's scary. Don't wait till kids start disappearing. It's bad enough what their doing to our environment.

And Joseph Kibitlewski hit the nail right on the head with his immigration letter. I would like to add to his list: food. This nation, as with the world, is facing a population crisis. We'll be hitting the 4 billion mark soon enough. India is going to pass China in the population race. Do we need another 11 million people when we're not sure where our next meal is coming from?

And anybody asking for a raise in this economy must be on drugs. Just be glad you have a job.

Ralph Brookhart

St. James City



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