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We don't need more gun controls

June 26, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

This is in response to Rob McKelve's letter to the editor "You be the judge." Rob says Republicans are blocking gun control/background checks and wants us all to know about it. Thanks Rob. You are right. Thank God there are still some people with common sense in the Republican party. You see, your Democrat nanny New York City governor Bloomberg, who has the strictest gun controls in America, had 25 people shot in his city in just 6 hours last weekend alone. He is now spending millions to get all cities across the USA to have these same gun controls. I guess he thinks his gun control laws are working. (He also has armed guards protecting him 24/7). All these gun control people also have armed guards protecting them 24/7 so it's no sweat off their backs if they don't own a gun.

Senator Ted Cruze grilled the director of the ATF this week, Todd Jones, in why over 48,000 criminals had background checks done, their applications rejected and yet only 44 were prosecuted. Jones didn't have an answer. So I guess all the background laws passed are doing no good anyway. Chicago has very strict gun laws and yet they have the highest murder rate in the country.

To say we need more gun controls is insane. What we need to do is get the criminals and mentally unstable people with guns off the streets and not punish the legal people of this country with unconstitutional laws that do no good. The NRA owns no one and is doing more good for gun safety than all the Democrats' laws against guns ever will. Maybe the answer is better care of the mentally ill and long prison sentences for people commenting crimes with guns. How many times do you see some gang member getting a 2-year prison sentence for shooting someone and then shooting someone else soon after they get out? If maybe all the liberal judges would do their jobs this wouldn't happen.

I'm really tired of the mass murders being used for gun control. None of them were averted by any law on the books today and none would be averted by any law being proposed today by Democrats. The REAL reason the background check bill failed is because it would have created a national database of every gun owner in the USA which could be used against them at any time (How about the IRS/phone tap scandals?) Maybe you are willing to ignore the Constitution and give up your freedoms for a false sense of security, but not all of us feel that way. As Benjamin Franklin once said, ""He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither."

Bill Garrison

St. James City



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